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The Paamul Mexico Restaurant is Restaurante Paamul

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Restaurante Paamul is the Paamul Mexico Restaurant

Paamul, Mexico Beach Visitors' Guide to Paamul Mexico Restaurants

Restaurante Paamul is the Paamul Mexico Restaurant

Oceanfront, casual dining and drinks with fine service and food in Paamul Mexico.

The Paamul Restaurant is open seven days a week. Dine in the restaurant, or get service on the sand under a palapa or be served at your beach lounger.

The Paamul Restaurant serves beef, chicken and seafood along with soups, salads and traditional Mexican favorites such as Pico De Gallo or Guacamole and fresh fried corn chips or warm corn tortillas.

The ceviche, fajitas and cream soups are the best around with wonderful service and clean facilities for a full or continental breakfast, snacks, lunch or supper.

Dine for a light or full breakfast before the Thursday Farmers' Market only a few steps from the restaurant. Come back for lunch after your Farmer's Market shopping. Stop in for a cold refreshment while you shop at the Farmer's Market, with a large selection of wines, beers and mixed drinks to choose from.

The restaurant is now handicap accessible with a level, smooth concrete ramp which is brightly painted with "handicap access blue" paint, which is located at the end of the stairs which lead from the parking lot to the restaurant. It's one of the few oceanfront restaurants in the region with wheelchair access.

A spectacular view compliments your meal, See our or more photographs depicting the beach activities and sports, wildlife and swaying palm trees. Many of the photographs were taken right from one of the restaurant tables.