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Puerto Aventuras, Mexico Farmer's Market Wednesday & Saturdayd, Produce at Puerto Aventuras Beach Marina, Quintana Roo Mexico

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Puerto Aventuras Mexico Farmer's Market

The Puerto Aventuras Farmer's Market is located just to the left of the Post Office and Hair Salon. The Puerto Aventuras Farmer's Market open from 8 am to 4 pm very Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year. The market is well stocked and the produce is fairly priced with the some of the best quality produce to be found in the region. All the typical vegetables and fruit can be found with a nice selection of tropical favorites such as avocados, papaya, mango, pineapple, chiles and cactus along with nuts, seeds and farm fresh eggs. The vendors are constantly grooming the Farmer's Market produce, ensuring only the best produce is on display.

If you miss the market on Wednesday and can't wait until Saturday, only 5-6 miles down the high in Paamul, Mexico there is Thursday morning Farmer's Market that features a wide range of organic produce, homemade foods and craft items.

At the junction for the turn off for Paamul, there is also a large flea market held in the Riviera Maya Dry Storage building.