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Daily Fish Catch Of The Day Dockside Fish Sales

We bought the Red Snapper in the photo above for 200 pesos.

Puerto Aventuras has at least a dozen charter fishing boats which dock in the harbor for fishing excursions of four, six or eight hours. All captains are English speaking and have at least 10 years experience fishing these grounds.

When the fishing vessels come back from their excursion, fish not taken home by the guests who caught them, may be sold at the dock. There is a cleaning station on the dock where each of the charter fishing boats dock, so the fish can be cleaned by the crew, then sold to visitors.

Catch of the day varies from day to day and boat to boat, but may include Red Snapper, Dorado, Barracuda, Wahoo, Tuna, Grouper, Lobster or other species.

The fishing boats come back to the harbor marina at 1 pm, 5 pm and 5:30 pm daily. Prices will vary from boat to boat, day to day and the species of fish being sold. The best time to shop the 'Fish Market' is just before 1 pm; be ready on the dock to watch the fishing boats come in, dock and prepare to sell their catch.

Ask the captain or crew if the boat has fish for sale. You are most likely to make a purchase from one of Captain Rick's sixteen boats such as Perla, Puffin, Reel Screamer, Reel Stripper, My Obsession, Sea Phantom or Big Fish.

You can view the charter boats coming in and out of the harbor at 9am, just before 1pm and 5pm on our live streaming webcam. Our Puerto Aventuras Mexico webcam has a 7 day archived history whch allows to view the past 7 day history as well as viewing live streaming.