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Puerto Aventuras Bay, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico Resort Photo Gallery

You'll find ready to eat cold foods, microwave foods, hot beverages including fresh brewed Americano Coffee and cappuccino always available, as are packaged foods, including coffee, sugar, creamer, condiments and canned vegetable ingredients, snacks, microwave popcorn, candy and pre-packaged pastries. Energy drinks are on display in the store at the front and are found in the cold case along with beers, soft drinks, fruit juices and bottled water. Wine is sold and often they have bottles on sale at the front of the store, but no liquor sales on Sunday.

Non-food and dry goods such as a wide range of household cleaning and personal care products such as shampoo, razors, disposable plates, cups, napkings, wet wipes, diapers, magazines and newspapers are also sold at the OXXO store.

Daily Fresh Foods - A limited amount of fresh eggs and produce are available if you miss the Farmer's Market on Wednesday and Saturday (see our Farmers Market page). Fresh, daily prepared corn tortillas are kept warm in an ice chest at the front of the store.

Authorized Electronic Payment Services - If you have a Telmex bill to pay, bring the bill to the OXXO store and the cashier will scan the bill and accept payment. They also will add time to your Telcel Mexico cell phone at the cash register.